By leveraging a passion for interior design and possessing 20 years of applied creativity, Jenn Ray Interiors can help you transform your vision and design ideas into a reality.

Jenn Ray Interiors offers a fresh perspective, an eye for detail, and innate design sense for color, textures, lighting, layout, and placement. Jenn Ray Interiors can assist you with any interior design concept or project, regardless of size or scale.

Close collaboration and a shared vision is the key to any successful interior design project. Possessing a solid network of talented business partners, Jenn Ray Interiors works with the most trusted and reliable contractors and suppliers. As a result, Jenn Ray Interiors will ensure your project is in good hands and well-executed to not only meet, but exceed expectations.

Selecting a design consultant is an exciting step in the process of initiating any interior design project. Be sure your voice is heard and your thoughts and ideas are incorporated into the design proposal. Jenn Ray Interiors will provide a complimentary in-home consultation and proposal with the goal of providing a fresh perspective and unique array of design skills. Services include home renovation consultation and planning, interior decorating or redecorating, room refresh, home staging, organization and decluttering, home accessorizing and stylizing, window treatments, blinds, and bedding.

If you're looking for a design partner who is mindful of your budget, genuinely interested in listening to and applying your ideas, and an experienced professional who can effectively bring your creative inspiration to life, you've found her at Jenn Ray Interiors.

Welcome to Jenn Ray Interiors!

I have had a passion for creating and decorating for many years and I'm now taking it to a higher level. I view my eye for good design aesthetics as a gift and natural ability that was passed on to me from my mom and grandmother as both were extremely artistic, talented, and had an eye for creating beautiful interiors and well-appointed homes.

Some of my earliest memories were of watching my parents renovate and update their homes. Before I was old enough to pick up a paint brush and capable of painting walls and trim, my first tutorial, compliments of my grandmother, was "how to set a proper table" complete with table linens, fine china, crystal, and flatware. In later years, I took pride in helping my parents with various DIY projects: spackling, sanding, painting walls and trim. My DIY experience served me well as friends, colleagues, contractors--anyone who visited the homes I decorated would ask, who was your interior decorator? Over the years, this seemed to be a constant, so I decided to turn my enthusiasm for decorating and design into a rewarding vocation.

My design focus is residential and my geographic reach is the Philadelphia suburbs where I grew up and the South Jersey/Jersey Shore area where I have a vacation home.

It's truly rewarding working with others to bring their ideas and vision to life. Furthermore, there's nothing more satisfying than helping clients transform a house into a home.

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